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Whether it’s a fresh approach for an existing business, a major announcement or a full suite of content to kick off your enterprise, General Media can help with a comprehensive range of content and digital marketing services.

Public Relations

The world of PR is constantly evolving, and a stale approach will get stale results. By connecting with the right media outlets, presenting fresh content and ideas and pitching your business or news announcement with relevancy, we aim for return on investment and provide realistic advice on expected results.

Digital Strategy

You’ve got a website, social media accounts, and a growing database – but no time to manage any of them. How do you tie it all together and make your digital assets work for you, rather than the other way around? We can analyse what you’ve got and what you need, and create a strategy to ensure your message reaches your target audience more efficiently.

Brand Refresh

Refreshing your brand gives it a new lease on life. It can mean all new collateral, a new website, and new messaging that streamlines your core product. Find out our experience with relaunching brands on the global stage.

Content Strategy

Feeding the content machine can be an overbearing task. Content makes the world go round, but how do you make yours stand out? We work with your business or brand to identify your content strengths, determine the best timing and frequency for content delivery and develop a strategy that is manageable for your business – and your customer’s – needs.

Blogging & Content Marketing

General Media can help your business keep on top of SEO with content for regular blog posts – no matter the industry, position your business as a market leader with informative, original content that is well-researched and keyword rich.

Social Media Management

Social media is a must-do for any business. But done poorly, you could be doing more harm than good – not to mention wasting precious time. Developing an effective social media strategy based around your target audience is the first step to long term social success.


Ask us about writing content for publications of any size – from a single news article, to an entire website. We also write funding applications, award submissions, marketing pitches, articles, editorials and digital content.

Branding Statements

Know what you love about your business, but don’t know how to say it? General Media will capture your mission and vision statements, elevator pitch or golden one line. No matter what stage in the business cycle you are at, we can help you reevaluate your direction with fresh content and ideas.


Build your website content from scratch, or freshen up your existing website content. General Media can create a modern, engaging web presence for your most important digital asset.


How can we help?


Does your business, community organisation or event need help with content delivery and management? What about a time-saving social media schedule or regular blogging to drive more website traffic?

Get in touch with our team to discuss our affordable and personalised services.